Platinum & Palladium Printing

Platinum printing was invented in 1873 by William Willis. The process produces photographs of unrivaled beauty and permanence. In it's most basic form an artist creates a image print by coating a light sensitive solution containing platinum onto archival paper, then exposes a negative in direct contact with the paper under intense ultraviolet light. A simple developer, clearing stage and wash complete the processing.

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    Purchase this item and receive: Four (4) x 25 ml Palladium Solution #3 (mix and match sodium, lithium and ammonium palladium) Four (4) x 25 ml Ferric Oxalate (mix and match #1 and #2 in liquid or dry) Four (4) Plastic Droppers Specify in the customer comments section any combination of palladium solutions and ferric oxalate liquid or dry packs.

    • $294.00
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    Save $54 when you bundle your Palladium Solution #3 and Ferric Oxalate! Let us know whether you want you Ferric Oxalate Solution #1 or Ferric Oxlate Solution #2 and if you would like them in dry packs or liquid form. 

    • $294.00
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    250 ml kit comes dry, pre-measured in bottles. Just add water to disolve. No messy powders to deal with!
    Makes 200-250 8"x10" prints on paper. The perfect kit for first time printers!

    • $34.95
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    Purchase this and receive the following:
    250 ml Cyanotype kit - Makes 250 8"x10" prints
    100 ml Vandyke kit - Makes 50 8"x10" prints
    Complete Instructions Included
    The optional Gold Toning Kit for Vandyke, and the Cyanotype Toning Kit  will give your prints a unique look.
    Save even more when you buy the Alt-Process Exploration Kit. Includes Vandyke and Cyanotype printing kits, toning kits, brushes and paper. You save over $30!
    • $59.95
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    Toning kit is capable of producing a wide variety of colors. 500 ml kit will tone approximately 60-75 8"x10" images. Works with Classic Cyanotype and Modern Cyanotype images.

    • $23.95
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    500 ml Solution A
    500 ml Solution B
    Makes over 500 8"x10" images on paper, or approximately 50-75 8"x10" images on light cotton cloth.

    • $56.95
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    The Revere Platinum paper is a new favorite of Platinum Printers and Alt-Process artists. Natural white in color with a smooth surface.

    **Must order a minimum of 11 sheets

    • $6.40
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    1000 ml Solution A
    1000 ml Solution B

    You receive two 500 ml Cyanotype kits totalling 1000 ml of A & B each.

    This kit makes over 1/2 gallon of cyanotype solution! Excellent for Workshops and Classes making large images and cyanotypes on cloth. Makes approximately 1000 8x10" cyanotypes on paper.

    • $80.95