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September 28, 2009
canvaswork.com and meterhood.com
Air Force veteran Dave Sobieski sews like mad on his old dairy farm in Minnesota. He actually learned to sew in the service, mending parachutes, flight suits, air plane seats and just about anything else you can think of. Later, while serving as a parking manager for the University of Minnesota, he put his sewing skills to work by fashioning some sturdy "Out of Order" hoods for parking meters around campus.

Flash forward 10 years, he's moved out of the city and he's doing it full time, and it's not just meter hoods. Custom fishing boat covers, seed pallet covers for farmers, and custom patio awnings are just a few of his products. Then there are the interesting things in his shop, like the stencil that reads "Danger! Laser! Shield Your Eyes!".

I quizzed him about it and he looked at me and said, "I'm a pascifist, generally, but I gotta pay the bills sometimes. That was for some heavy duty curtains I made for....well, I shouldn't say."

September 25, 2009
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