Digital Negative Making
Technical Paper

By David Fokos

Download the paper
Download the Step Tablet
Download the Photoshop Curve
Acrobat Reader

Note for Mac users. For some reason, if you are using Netscape, the curve will download as "platinum.exe" instead of "platinum.acv". Rename it to "platinum.acv" after download and everything should be ok.

David's platinum prints made from these negatives.

To use this step tablet file:
1. Download the file to your computer.
2. Open the file using an image-editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.
3. Change the image size specifications to the following settings:

Width: 7.500 inches
Height: 1.413 inches
Resolution: 450* pixels per inch

* Note: This is the correct setting for use with 3600 dpi imagesetters and
225 lpi linescreens (see text of manuscript for explanation). If you
will be using a 4800 dpi imagesetter and a 300 lpi linescreen then the
resolution should be changed to 600 pixels per inch.

David Fokos
phone: 617.229.1370