Papers For Handcoating

We take great care to our papers to you safely!

Please know that 10 sheets and under of 22x30 inch sheets of paper will be rolled unless requested flat. Please call us to order this way: (505) 474-0890

11 sheets of 22x30 inch paper and up will be shipped flat in our specially made boxes. 


These papers are all cotton rag papers that we have tested for use in alternative processes. If you need help choosing a paper, please give us a shout! 

If you have difficulties flattening your paper, 5 minutes in a dry mount press will make the paper lie straight again. If you don't have access to a dry mount press, place the print between two sheets of left over cotton backing paper and iron with your clothing iron on low heat. 

Items: 14 of 4, per page
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cot3208 *Out of Stock* Bergger COT-320 8x10/ 25 Sheets
  • $29.95
SKU22741 Bergger COT-320 11x14/25 Sheets
  • $57.50
cot32016 Bergger COT-320 16x20/25 sheets
  • $113.50
cot32024 Bergger COT-320 20x24/25 Sheets
  • $170.00
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    • $133.00
  • Product is out of stock
    • $29.95
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