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  • November, 2019
    • Nov 7, 2019
      We are sorry to say that we are out of Ether - we are currently waiting on a backordered shipment of ether from our suppliers. Any kits involving Ether or Bromo-iodizer including the Ready to Use Collodion sets will be delayed until more Ether arrives. If you have any questions or concerns, please
  • October, 2019
    • Oct 21, 2019
      Attention everyone: We are currently Out of Ammonium Citrate powder and it is on backorder with our suppliers until aproximately mid-December. Until then we will be supplying it in liquid. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • January, 2019
    • Jan 4, 2019
      If your order is of a time sensitive nature, please call us at (505) 474-0890 or use the contact form to let us know. While we strive to get orders out as fast as possible, we do have a minimum 2 business day processing time from the day we receive the order.