How long before my package ships from the time I place my order? Orders are processed and charged during regular business hours, which are M-F 9am-5pm MST.  Most orders are processed 48-72hrs after we receive them depending on order volume.  We make most chemistry to order and we also sell several handmade items that take time to manufacture.  Backorders do happen, so if your order is time sensitive please let us know.  Do not rely on the shipping estimates when placing your order online!  That only accounts for actual shipping time, not lead time!

How are shipping costs determined? Shipping costs are determined by actual/dimensional weight of your package, as well as the value and shipping address, and are provided by the shipping carriers.  We do not use flat rate or bulk methods of shipping because we ship chemistry and other fragile items.  We also insure every package that leaves our building.

Do I need to sign for my package? We do not send packages signature required unless it’s of high value or the customer requests.  There is an extra charge for this that customers don’t want to add to the already high cost of shipping.  Your local delivery person, however, will make their own decisions about whether or not to leave a package when no one is there to receive it.  It is entirely at their discretion, we have no control over that.

Why was my package not delivered when expected? UPS Ground and Priority Mail orders are subject to our processing window in addition to the estimated shipping time. If you don’t let us know your order is time sensitive, your order will go into the queue with everyone else and was filled in the order in which it was received. Did you rely on the shipping estimates and not take into consideration our processing window? If yes, know that USPS does not guarantee delivery by a specific date, and while UPS will give you a delivery date, that does not mean delays due to weather or natural disaster or some other event in the carrier’s route won’t be an issue.  We will do everything in our power to get your package out to you, and we also know every package is important.

Is there a cut-off time for rush orders? Yes.  In stock overnight, 2nd day or 3rd day orders must be received by 2pm Mountain Standard Time in order to ship out same day.

How do you ship hazardous items like wet plate collodion sets?  We ship hazardous items within the continental U.S. via UPS Ground O-RMD.  Internationally, we use FedEx Hazardous Shipping.

Is there an extra fee for shipping hazardous items?  Within the U.S. where UPS Ground shipping is available, no, there is no extra fee.  If you need expedited (overnight, 2nd day, 3rd day) then there is a haz-mat fee in addition to the expedited shipping cost.  The cost for shipping international haz-mat can be several hundred dollars.

Can hazardous items be sent through the post office? According to the shipping regulations provided to us by USPS, no.

Can you ship my chemistry internationally?  Yes!  We ship worldwide!  USPS Priority International Mail is the least expensive shipping method. UPS or FedEx are available as well but you’ll need to contact us for a quote, particularly if you are ordering hazardous items.  Not every country will allow the import of hazardous chemistry. International packages have to go through customs.  UPS and FedEx broker their packages through customs timely, and you will pay for that in the form of a broker fee when delivered.  USPS does not broker packages through customs, and their import taxes are lower.  Each country is different, however, and we have no way of knowing what those charges will be.


General FAQs

Hey, if Bostick & Sullivan is the leading manufacturer of Alt-Process Photo Chemistry, you guys must be huge, right! Well, we’ve certainly grown since Dick Sullivan and Melody Bostick started the business out of their house in Van Nuys all those years ago!  We are a still a small family-owned business selling hand-manufactured items for 19th century hand-made photo processes, any comparisons to bulk chemical companies or online box stores are not at all accurate.   We will always have a personal relationship with our customers – we will always offer a live person(s) for tech support or to take your order.  There is over a century of combined experience here, you won’t find that anywhere else.

Do you offer workshops or classes? Absolutely! We have a summer schedule of planned group workshops in specific processes and we also offer 1-on-1 or workshops anytime.  We also have been known to travel to teach. Please see our website for schedule and prices. Summer Workshops

Do you have retail locations anywhere else? No.  Being an online mail order company has made it very easy for us to be accessible anywhere in the world.  

Do you sell email addresses? No, we never give out personal information to any other retailer.  We use your email address for communication purposes regarding your order and we occasionally send out emails regarding upcoming events or things we’ve been up to.  You are always free to opt out of those email blasts.

What are your business hours? Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm MST.  We are not open weekends or holidays.

Why buy from Bostick & Sullivan?   Simple, we have so many value-added services you just will not find anywhere else.  We manufacture the metal salts and several other items ourselves, in small batches that allow us to control quality and purity from beginning to end.  Your product is pure and consistent every time. We have no clue where other suppliers are getting their platinum, palladium, gold and silver from or who is even processing it and with what.  Combined, we provide over 100 years of experience with these products both from a manufacturing perspective as well as alt-process photography.  No one else provides the level of customer support that we do.  We trouble shoot everything, live and in person if you want!  No referrals, or searching forums or waiting for replies that don’t answer your questions, just give us a call or send us an email, we take care of our customers.   We supply the purist quality and highest grade chemistry available.  We do this for our customers.  We want you to be able to produce the absolute best results possible and eliminate variables where possible.  Lastly, we teach what we sell and practice.  Our workshops will have you printing in no time. Truly a one-stop shop!


Product FAQs

Do instructions come with your kits? We do send instructions with our kits.  You can find the most popular ones here or we can send them via email when requested.

What is the difference between Ferric Oxalate #1 and Ferric Oxalate #2? Ferric Oxalate #1 is standard ferric oxalate, it’s the same as bulk ferric oxalate powder.  Ferric Oxalate #2 is ferric oxalate with a contrast agent added.

How much EDTA do I add to water for my clearing bath? 1-2 TBS of EDTA added to 1 quart of water will get you started.  If it’s not clearing fast enough or well enough, add another spoonful at a time until you reach your desired result.

I ordered a Ferric Oxalate Solution drypack, how much water do I add?  Add distilled water up to the shoulder seam of the bottle, or you can measure out 25ml of distilled water and add that to the bottle.  You can also boil your water and add it hot to the ferric oxalate, stir, and it will go into solution faster.  Note:  Do not put the ferric oxalate solution back on the heat once mixed.

Do you sell camera equipment? As a rule no; however, we have in the past been able to acquire lenses and cameras that we are able to sell.  

Do you sell film? No.