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Platinum/Palladium Printing produces a beautiful cool tone or warm tone image on fine watercolor paper or 100% cotton printing paper.

The artist uses a brush or coating rod to apply the light sensitive emulsion to the paper, then a contact negative is exposed under intense ultraviolet light.

All work can be conducted under normal tungsten or fluorescent lighting, so no safelight is necessary. All of our kits contain the necessary chemistry to make 25-35 8×10 images.

For these kits, we recommend using 100% cotton rag paper, such as Arches Platine, Revere Platinum, and Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag.

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Clearing Agents
Ferric Oxalate
Malde/Ware Platinotype Process
Platinum & Palladium powders
Platinum & Palladium Solutions
Platinum and Palladium Toning kits for Kallitype, VanDyke, Salt Prints, and Albumen.

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