35 ml Na2 Platinum & Palladium Combination Kit

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35 ml Na2 Platinum & Palladium Combination Kit


The perfect kit for the artists who wants their prints to have that “Vintage Platinum” look. Perfect for 8×10″ images and larger.

Discovered by Bostick & Sullivan founder Richard Sullivan, Na2 Platinum Printing Method has revolutionized the world of Platinum Printing.

This method of printing produces a Platinum print with superior fine line detail and separation, and an unmatched resistance to solarization and grain texture.

The Na2 Method allows a much wider range of negatives to be printed, while at the same time using much less of the costly Platinum solution when compared to the traditional method.

Kit contains:

Ferric Oxalate Solution #1 – 25 ml

Palladium Solution #3 – 25 ml Sodium

Platinum Solution Na2 20% solution – 10 ml

3  plastic droppers

32 oz.Potassium Oxalate Developer

250 g EDTA Clearing Agent

250 g Sodium Bisulfite

Full Instructions

For this kit, we recommend using 100% cotton rag paper, such as Arches PlatineRevere Platinum, and Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag.




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