Complete Wet Plate Collodion Kit

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HAZMAT Warning - See Note on Hazardous Materials

Complete Wet Plate Collodion Kit


Now with Old Workhorse Collodion! Bostick & Sullivan’s pre-mixed Wet Plate Collodion kits come ready to use! A complete starter set, with all the essentials needed to pour plates, sensitize in silver nitrate, develop, fix, and varnish! The 4×5 kit comes with 500ml of 10% silver nitrate, while the 8×10 kit comes with 1000ml 10% silver nitrate.

Due to the volatile nature of collodion and collodion products we have a 6-month guarantee on all collodion processes and products. Replacements outside of this guarantee will be evaluated case by case.


*Highly flammable substance. Must be shipped via UPS Ground, or FedMat (very expensive). No shipments to PO Boxes. Additional fees will apply for any expedited or international shipments. Call for a price quote.

Shipping costs updated.

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