No-mix, Ready-To-Use Cadmium-Free Collodion

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HAZMAT Warning - See Note on Hazardous Materials

No-mix, Ready-To-Use Cadmium-Free Collodion


**Ready to Use Collodion ages on the shelf regardless if it is being used or even opened**

We mix Ready to Use Collodion upon ordering to ensure the longest shelf life for the salted collodion. Ready to Use Collodion will continue to age once mixed and continues too regardless if the bottle has been opened or in use. The older the collodion the slower it is. If you are not shooting immediately we recommend buying the two part kit and mix it yourself to avoid over aged collodion.

Cadmium-free collodion is considered a safer alternative for classrooms and workshops, as well as those who are on a septic system. Similar in speed to our Old Workhorse formula.

Due to the volatile nature of collodion and collodion products we have a 6-month guarantee on all collodion processes and products. Replacements outside of this guarantee will be evaluated case by case.  

This is a hazardous material and must be shipped UPS Ground. Please select this option when you select shipping at checkout. 

Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Peurto Rican customers: Ups Ground is not an option for your states despite our website offering you a rate. Please email or call us so we can get you an accurate shipping quote on your order.

International Customers: Dangerous goods shipping is available via FedEx International Priority service. A FedEx Dangerous Goods  fee will be added to Priority shipping. To see if your country is served, please check:

All international hazardous shipping must be shipped from us. Forwarding agencies and other third parties are unaware of the regulations involved with shipping hazardous materials and to protect our own liability we must be the ones to ship international hazardous packages.


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