400 ml – DGX+ Bromo-Iodizer

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HAZMAT Warning - See Note on Hazardous Materials

400 ml – DGX+ Bromo-Iodizer


Introducing the new DGX+ Collodion from Bostick & Sullivan! This new twist on the Old Workhorse formula stays fresh and fast for months, with little to no change in the color of the emulsion. DGX+ Collodion is up to ¼ stop faster than our regular Old Workhorse and retains this speed and contrast for up to 12 months, providing reliable exposure and development times. DGX+ Collodion is specifically formulated for artists using artificial lighting, or any artist that needs dependable exposures over the life of the collodion. This is the perfect formulation for the casual wet plate artist that only shoots occasionally as well as prolific shooters that demand a consistent product.

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