Gum Printing by Christina Z. Anderson

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Gum Printing by Christina Z. Anderson


 Gum Printing: A Step-by-Step Manual, Highlighting Artists and Their Creative Practice is a two-part book on gum bichromate written by the medium’s leading expert, Christina Z. Anderson. Section One provides a step-by-step description of the gum printing process. From setting up the “dimroom” (no darkroom required!) to evaluating finished prints, it walks the reader through everything that is needed to establish a firm gum practice with the simplest of setups at home. Section Two showcases contemporary artists’ works, illustrating the myriad ways gum is conceptualized and practiced today. The works in these pages range from monochrome to colorful and from subtle to bold, representing a variety of genres, including still lifes, portraits, nudes, landscapes, urbanscapes and more. Featuring over 80 artists and 400 full-color images, Gum Printing is the most complete overview of this dynamic and expressive medium that has yet appeared in print. Key topics covered include: The history of gum, Simple digital negatives for gum, platinum, and cyanotype, Preparing supplies, Making monochrome, duotone, tricolor, and quadcolor gum prints, Printing gum over cyanotype, Printing gum over platinum, Troubleshooting gum, Advice on developing a creative practice.

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