Platinotype by Pradip Malde with Mike Ware

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Platinotype by Pradip Malde with Mike Ware


Making Photographs in Platinum and Palladium with the Contemporary Printing-out Process
By Pradip Malde, Mike Ware

Platinotype: Making Photographs in Platinum and Palladium with the Contemporary Printing-out Process describes the mechanisms and chemistry of platinum/palladium printing in safe and practical ways. Clearly presented formulae allow the printer to work with platinum, palladium, or varying combinations of both. The printed-out image appears fully during exposure, and only requires simple and safe steps for clearing to a stable, archival state.

The authors explain what makes the image, how all necessary components are prepared and used, and the kind of paper and negative needed to make prints. More than just a technical manual, the book underscores the authors’ belief that printing is a creative, scientific, and philosophic way of working. The book presents an outstanding collection of prints by over 40 artists, all made with this printing-out process. The artists’ notes and comments offer insights into their methods and thinking, and a large number of full-page reproductions serve as a valuable reference for the aspiring printer.

The book includes:

A list of supplies and equipment
A detailed chemical glossary
A Quick-start section in the Preface
Summary sheets and workflows for each step of the process
Instructions for making traditional negatives with Pyro PMK and digital negatives
Explanation of the chemistry and dynamics of paper, and how to use buffered papers
Instructions for controlling hydration processes and humidity
Instructions for preparing each chemical solution needed for the process
Discussion about the aesthetics of the platinum/palladium print
Explanation of the relationships between light, image, and expression
A detailed troubleshooting list
Recommendations from conservators about processing, handling, and conservation
Contemporary artists using the printing-out platinum/palladium process.


Learning how to make platinum/palladium prints has been cloaked in a mystique of difficulty. Platinotype presents the process as a set of clearly explained and defined steps. Like other books in the series, Platinotype is a detailed and inspiring manual, accessible to both novices and experts, and illustrative of the contemporary arts.


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