Ziatype Printing Kit


New and updated Ziatype kit! Named for the Anasazi sun symbol, the Ziatype is a palladium Printing Out Process (POP) based on the work of Pizzighelli.  The process requires no developer, as the image forms completely during exposure. Introduced by Richard Sullivan in 1997, the Ziatype is suitable for printing a wide range of negatives due to it’s self-masking POP nature.

Ziatype allows for a wide variety of colors (pink, purple, blue, some green) and tones (warm or cool) that can be achieved through chemical controls and humidity levels and it is easy to tell by inspection when the exposure is ready.

Kit contains:

25 ml Litihium Palladium

25ml Ferric Ammonium Oxalate

25ml 40% Sodium Tungstate (for a warmer tone)

25ml 1% Ammonium Dichromate (for contrast boost)

10ml 5% Gold Chloride

250 gms EDTA clearing Agent

250 Sodium Bisulfite

5 droppers

Comprehensive printing instructions

For this kit, we recommend using 100% cotton rag paper, such as Arches Platine, Revere Platinum, and Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag.

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