World Cyanotype Day Flag Kit

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World Cyanotype Day Flag Kit


In honor of World Cyanotype day, we are offering a new kit! 

Included in this kit: 

1 250ml Cyanotype Printing Kit 

1 24 x 36 in piece of 100% cotton cloth, will make (6) 12 in square flags

3 12oz plastic cups for soaking

3 2 oz cups for measuring

If you choose to make fewer flags, cut only 12 inch squares for the flags and use the larger piece of fabric to make a pillow top, a framed picture (an embroidery hoop makes a quick frame), a stool cover, pot holder, or think up anohter great idea! Just have fun.  



September 30th, 2023

 This year’s theme is


Everyone in the world is invited to participate!

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